Family offices and HNWIs: gold/silver/cash storage

A discreet and comprehensive service for high net worth individuals (HNWIs)

Swiss Gold Safe offers bank-independent storage for precious metals, such as gold, silver or palladium as well as cash and other securities for family offices or wealthy private customers. We are an owner-managed firm that has existed since 2006, a company that is fully privately owned. Our customers benefit from individualised and efficient storage solutions in our modern, high-security vaults and duty-free warehouses.

The special storage provided by Swiss Gold Safe is designed for wealthy people, i.e. so-called high net worth individuals (HNWIs). In short, this means people who have investable assets of at least one million US dollars. These facilities are also attractive to asset managers who manage the investment capital of a single family as a single-family office as well as those of several families who are managed together as a multi-family office. In Europe, Switzerland is regarded as the stronghold for asset managers with around 400 or so family offices.

The advantages of gold storage for HNWI persons

Storing your assets with Swiss Gold Safe brings you many benefits. The storage rooms and safe deposit boxes we provide are accessible to you at all times during normal office hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm). You will also have access to them outside of these times, subject to a surcharge. This means that entry is possible around the clock, seven days a week (24/7). Our trained security staff are always available to accompany you during your visits.

The privacy of our customers is also respected at all times. Our private company is not regulated by the government. We are not subject to the common reporting standard (CRS) nor to the ‘Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act’ (FATCA) that applies to financial institutions. We consequently do not report your assets either automatically or manually to the authorities. You can always rely on our absolute discretion. In addition, the inventory values of what is stored remain the property of the customer without any form of restriction.

Note: Your valuables are stored completely independent of banks. You do not need a bank account in Switzerland to rent a safe deposit box or to draw up a storage contract.

Use our fully insured storage solutions

While traditional bank storage often only insures a part of the goods that are kept with a so-called first-loss policy, Swiss Gold Safe offers you a fully insured storage solution with attractive conditions. In the field of insurance, we work with our long-standing and renowned partners, Lloyds of London as well as a well-known Swiss insurance company. This enables us to put together tailored insurance packages for your individual requirements.

On request, a compensation clause can also be included in your insurance contract. This ‘loss payee clause’ means that our customers are able to settle claims directly with the insurer in the unlikely event of a damage. In short, you can make a direct claim with the insurer. In other cases, the insurance arrangement is concluded in anonymity, meaning that no transmission of customer data to the insurance company is required.

Benefit from our wide-ranging services

Our wealthy private customers or family offices enjoy personal support at all times due to the fact that Swiss Gold Safe attaches great importance to long-term and personalised customer relationships. This is why our comprehensive service also includes individual storage solutions and extensive transport support, as well. We offer you a well-rounded package that can also take special requests into account, for example.

Thanks to our network of selected partners, Swiss Gold Safe can also organise the specific storage facilities that are suited to valuable works of art. Furthermore, our partner, Echtgeld AG, trades in precious metals and, among other things, this enables our clients to purchase white precious metals, such as silver or palladium free of any sales tax.

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