FAQs – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you with the answers to your questions about the storage and purchase options for various precious metals.


General Questions

Where can I rent a safe deposit box in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, you can rent a safe deposit box located in a traditional bank vault or independently of the banking system with a private storage provider such as Swiss Gold Safe.

What is the difference between a bank’s safe deposit box and a private storage provider?

The main difference between a bank safe deposit box and a pure warehouse storage provider is the anonymity you can enjoy. By contrast to storing valuables at a bank, you do not need to open a bank account with private storage companies. Find out more about private safe deposit boxes.

What do I have to consider if I want to open a safe deposit box at a precious metal dealer?

Precious metal traders are regulated in Switzerland as financial intermediaries and, therefore, they must join an SRO (self-regulatory organisation). When opening a safe deposit box with one, it is important to note that the dealer is obliged to collect your customer data in accordance with the Money Laundering Act, for example, who is the beneficial owner. This is not the case with private storage companies such as Swiss Gold Safe Ltd, however.

What are high-security vaults for precious metals?

Precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum can be deposited individually (in a segregated manner) within high-security vaults. The storage of valuables is possible in vaults or bonded warehouses as well as open bonded warehouses in Switzerland. Find out more about privat secure precious metals storage.

How do I open a storage account at Swiss Gold Safe Ltd?

At the initial consultation appointment, we will clarify your needs and send you a storage contract. We will then open the storage account and organise transportation and storage for you. A warehouse receipt will provide all of the relevant information about the details. Please see this video.

How can I switch from another storage provider to Swiss Gold Safe?

You will receive a termination notice template from us and a consultation appointment in which we will also clarify your exact needs. With the ensuing storage contract, we will open your account and organise transportation and storage for you. Please see this video.

How do I take my gold from a bank to Swiss Gold Safe?

For larger quantities of precious metals, it is advisable to order a secure transport service. Swiss Gold Safe will be happy to assist you with the logistical implementation of this. Let us advise you.

How safe are your high-security vaults?

Our high-security vaults were designed, built and approved in accordance with specifications recommended by security experts, and in full consultation with our insurers. We were granted a high level of insurance coverage.

Questions About Safe Deposit Boxes

How much does a private safe deposit box cost to rent in Switzerland?

The annual rental fee for a safe deposit box starts at CHF 511.60 including sales tax. This includes basic insurance covering a sum of up to CHF 25,000. Prices vary depending on the size of the safe deposit box being rented. Find out more.

Can I rent a locker as a German / French / Italian / Austrian / British / US citizen in Switzerland?

It is possible to rent a safe deposit box from Swiss Gold Safe Ltd as a non-Swiss national. Our services are available to all customers.

How does renting a safe deposit box work?

You can open your safe deposit box in five simple steps: You make an appointment, bring your ID to the meeting point, sign the rental agreement and can then gain access to your safe deposit box with no further delay.

What does insurance cost for a safe deposit box?

Basic insurance of CHF 25,000 is already included in the rental contract. You can purchase full-risk insurance for precious metals or jewellery at a surcharge 0.2 per cent per annum or, for cash, at a surcharge of 0.3 per cent per annum.

Is my cash insured in the safe deposit box?

A basic insurance protection of CHF 25,000 is already included within the rental agreement. This basic level of insurance also applies to any cash you have stored. In addition, full-risk insurance for cash at a surcharge of 0.3 per cent per annum is possible for customers with higher cash assets.

Does the content of the locker belong to the bankruptcy estate of the storage provider?

No, as a tenant of a safe deposit box at Swiss Gold Safe, you do not have to worry about losing your valuables in the event of bankruptcy. The stored item remains your property even in the unlikely event of insolvency of the service provider.

What can I store in a safe deposit box?

You can store precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum in our off-bank safe deposit boxes. You can also store cash, jewellery, works of art, cryptocurrencies, important documents or digital data storage devices.

What should not be stored in a safe deposit box?

Dangerous goods such as chemicals, explosives, weapons and ammunition must not be deposited in our safe deposit boxes. Illegal substances are also not allowed, for example narcotics or other stimulants, as well as stolen goods.

Can I choose my own safe deposit box – a special number, or any easy-to-reach one, for example?

Yes, provided the box you want is available, we will be happy to allocate your preferred option.

Will my safe deposit box rental be officially registered?

Swiss Gold Safe is not obliged to pass on customer data to government agencies or other institutions. This means that there is no data transfer nor does any declaration of contents need to be made. This also applies when taking out insurance.

Is renting a safe deposit box an anonymous thing to do?

No, the rental of a safe deposit box cannot be taken out with complete anonymity. However, Swiss Gold Safe does not disclose customer information to either governmental or private entities. This applies just as equally to insurance companies.

Can your Altdorf safe deposit box vault be reached via public transport?

Yes, the journey from Zurich to Altdorf takes around 1 hour and 40 minutes by public transport.

Can your Schaan safe deposit box vault be reached via public transport?

Yes, the journey from Zurich to Schaan takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes by public transport.

Questions About Segregated Storage

Is gold held in segregated storage counted as part of a bankruptcy estate?

No. This is because, with the individual safekeeping offered by Swiss Gold Safe, the gold remains your property, even in the unlikely event of bankruptcy. Therefore, there should be no fear of such a loss. Your stored precious metal never forms part of Swiss Gold Safe Ltd’s balance sheet.

Can I store segregated precious metals in Switzerland as a German / French / Italian / Austrian / British / US citizen?

The segregated storage services provided by Swiss Gold Safe Ltd apply to all customers, regardless of which country they happen to come from. We recommend off-bank storage in our high-security vaults.

Are gold and silver insured when they are held in segregated storage?

Your precious metals are fully insured when in segregated storage. Our partner, Lloyds of London, offers you full-risk insurance protection against loss, theft, fraud and damage from natural events.

Can coins also be stored in a segregated manner if they do not have a serial number?

Coins are generally deposited without records of their individual serial numbers when they are held in segregated storage. Alternatively, if coins are packed into tubes or master boxes, then their seal numbers can be recorded. That said, there is no particular need for this.

Questions About Gold

Where can I store gold in Switzerland?

Swiss Gold Safe Ltd offers the possibility to store gold in Switzerland. This is either in safe deposit boxes or in segregated storage facilities (i.e. your belongings remain in individual custody).

Which is the best country to store gold abroad?

Switzerland constitutes one of the best countries to store gold abroad. It is characterised by political and economic stability, security, legal and property protections as well as good accessibility.

Where can I buy and store gold?

You can buy gold in Switzerland from precious metal traders and banks. Swiss Gold Safe recommends Echtgeld Ltd which delivers directly into Swiss Gold Safe Ltd’s storage facilities, vaults and safe deposit boxes.

Where is the best place to store gold?

Gold should be kept in a safe place where it is protected from theft, civil unrest and environmental disasters. In addition, where possible, it should also be fully insured. This is possible at Swiss Gold Safe.

Which country is the best place to buy gold?

The best way to buy gold is in a politically stable, safe and accessible country with a properly functioning legal system. Gold should be available from LBMA certified producers. Switzerland has it all.

Can I store gold in a safe deposit box?

You can securely store your gold or other valuables in your safe deposit box. You decide what you want to put in it. At Swiss Gold Safe, the storage of gold is optimised with the right level of insurance.

What are the most important factors when storing gold?

When storing gold, it is important to protect it from theft, civil unrest and environmental problems. The possibility of insurance and convenient accessibility should be taken into account, too, things that are possible with Swiss Gold Safe.

How is gold properly stored?

Gold is not sensitive to temperature changes, nor to moisture or the effects of light. Due to the high value density, it takes up little space. Swiss Gold Safe recommends off-bank storage vaults in a high-security warehouse or in a safe deposit box.

How much does gold cost?

The price of gold depends on supply and demand. It is calculated every day on the international stock exchanges and the price is quoted in US dollars for one troy ounce of gold (approximately 31,1034 grams). The daily exchange rates also apply.

How can I store gold at Swiss Gold Safe Ltd?

You can choose between a safe deposit box and segregated storage. Either way, Swiss Gold Safe will advise you on how to proceed. Just schedule an appointment and then you can then store your gold.

How do I buy gold and store it in a safe deposit box at Swiss Gold Safe?

First, you have to rent a safe deposit box with us. Then you can buy gold from Echtgeld Ltd and arrange a handover date. Echtgeld delivers gold directly to the vault and you lock it in.

How do I buy gold and store it in segregated facilities at Swiss Gold Safe?

Take out a storage contract with us and buy gold from our partner Echtgeld Ltd. They then deliver the gold directly to our warehouse. You will receive a warehouse receipt with a list of all the items that have been stored on your behalf.

What are precious metal ETFs?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are exchange-traded investment media for certain indices. They are suitable for participating in the rising prices of precious metals. A distinction should be made between gold ETFs and gold ETCs. More detailed information can be found here.

Questions About Silver

How can I buy and store silver free of sale tax?

The purchase of white precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium is subject to sales tax. This is the case unless you buy it from a Swiss precious metal dealer and have it delivered directly to a bonded warehouse or an open bonded warehouse.

Which country has the lowest sales tax rate on silver in Europe?

In Europe, different sales tax rates apply when silver is bought. Austria: 20% per cent, Italy: 22 per cent, Germany: 19 per cent. Taxation differentials enable reduced rates, however. Switzerland has the lowest rate at 7.7 per cent.

What is the level of sales tax applied to silver in Switzerland?

When buying silver and other white precious metals, sale tax in Switzerland is 7.7 per cent. It has remained at this level since 2018. However, you can buy and store silver free from sales tax through precious metal traders.

Do I have to pay sales tax on silver purchased for investment?

In most European countries, gold purchases are exempt from sales tax. For silver, however, value added tax still applies.

Are there silver coin bars for sale in Switzerland?

Silver coin bars are only rarely offered in Switzerland. Due to the low sales tax which applies, high margins cannot be achieved. Silver coin bars only represent a viable investment form for the German market, thanks to differential taxation.