Gold as an important investment for UHNWI

More than 4,700 ultra-high net-worth individuals live in Switzerland

In excess of 20 million millionaires were alive around the world in 2018. This record is published in the most recent Wealth Report of 2019. However, it is neither the USA nor Asia that leads the table of the richest 200,000 people, but the European continent which does so. It has over 70 thousand such individuals. These are the so-called ultra-high net-worth individuals, better known as either UHNWIs or individuals with a massive fortune of private wealth. The term includes individuals who have investable assets of more than $30 million, or somewhere between 30 to 50 million Swiss francs. In Switzerland alone, the number of such super-rich individuals stands at 4,768. According to the study, 1,507 of these people live in Zurich and a further 1,344 in Geneva. In addition to cash, the investment product of gold is taken into account for the wealth of a UHNWI. And with gold, there is always an understandable focus on off-bank storage.

When it comes to off-bank storage, it is all about a comprehensive and discreet service. This is what the privately run company, Swiss Gold Safe Ltd, stands for. Both private and institutional customers from Switzerland – as well as other parts of Europe – benefit from our extensive know-how and many years of experience in the field of UHNWI support. Our service includes assistance with the process of buying gold as well as transporting it. In addition, we help with finding the best possible storage and insurance cover for both precious metals and cash.

Fully Insured Gold Storage in Vault Storage Facilities or Bonded Warehouses

Swiss Gold Safe is 100 per cent privately owned and operated as such. As a result, there are no notifications to government agencies that are required. Our company is not subject to the automatic exchange of information between financial accounts (AEOI) and the respective Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which covers so many financial institutions. This results in less regulatory burden in the area of compliance measures, despite the careful examination of our business relationships.

We offer our wealthy customers individual storage solutions in high-security vaults and bonded warehouses with attractive terms and conditions. You have the choice between classic safe deposit boxes, vaults or storage areas which have no size limitations at all. Flexibility is our strength because we can offer combined storage options or develop them to meet specific needs.

Another advantage of our off-bank storage facilities is that they allow the possibility to fully insure the stored valuables. While banks often only insure a proportion of the stored goods with a modest ‘first loss policy’, Swiss Gold Safe provides extra benefits. To this end, we work with renowned, internationally active insurance companies, such as Lloyds of London. For our UHNWI customers, we put together individual insurance packages that are tailored precisely to their particular needs. It is also possible to integrate a loss payee clause which defines the beneficiary in the event of an insured occurrence. This allows for direct settlement between the insurance company concerned and our client.

Our customers enjoy access to their safe deposit boxes or vaults seven days a week and 24 hours a day (24/7). During our office hours (Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm) access is possible at any time with a pre-notice. Outside of these hours, access is also possible for an additional surcharge. Our well-trained security staff will be available to offer escort protection. Indeed, our authorisation management system will also allow family members or other authorised persons access, if wanted.

About Swiss Gold Safe Ltd

Swiss Gold Safe which always focuses on efficiency, has been in existence since 2006. We attach a great deal of importance to our personal customer relationships along with a discreet and trustworthy approach. The protection of your privacy is our top priority. We also rely on long-term employee relationships so that you always have the same contact person at your side.

With our broad knowledge and many years of experience, we are always there for you. We are available to support you comprehensively, even in complex structures of our clients such as onshore and offshore companies as well as foundations or trusts. Many UHNWIs use the services of family offices or choose to set up their own. Here too, Swiss Gold Safe is your reliable partner when it comes to storing wealth.

Take Advantage of our Partner Network for Your Gold Investment

In addition to our other services, we offer our clients guidance related to the investment in gold or other precious metals. As a long-standing storage specialist, we know how important investing in gold is for the diversification of assets. Because only a combination of various financial products – such as stocks, real estate, works of art or cryptocurrencies – distributes investment risk sufficiently to bring about long-term security.

Gold bars or gold coins play an important role in value retention. Experts recommend divesting part of any set of investable assets in this yellow precious metal. This is largely because gold is considered a crisis-proof metal that has already proven itself several times during the economic and financial crises of the past decades.

Thanks to our innovative network of precious metal dealers, high-value transportation logistics expertise and art warehousing staff, our customers can benefit from some highly specialist services combined with an uncomplicated approach to carrying them out. In short, you will get virtually all the services you might need from a single source. As such, Swiss Gold Safe will support you in the purchase and transportation of your gold holdings as well as secure and needs-based storage.

Why Should UHNWIs Store Gold in Switzerland?

Switzerland is globally renowned for the unrestricted protection of property rights it offers. This not only applies to the country’s citizens, but it also protects interested parties from overseas, as well. This is based on the living tradition and long history of such rights in the country. After the Second World War, Switzerland took on a significant position in gold trading and nothing has changed to this day. The country is characterised by an economic and political stability that is unique in Europe and, indeed, the rest of the world. Last but not least, Switzerland has a locational advantage due to its geographical position in the heart of Europe. A strongly functioning infrastructure and the ease of access to public transportation are further advantages. This makes Switzerland the ideal storage location for precious metals, cash and other assets – and not just for wealthy investors, either.

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The Advantages for UHNWIs in Summary: