Duty-free storage of valuables in Switzerland offers many advantages

The duty-free warehouses of Switzerland are ideal for the storage of valuable precious metals or other high-priced goods. Valuables such as works of art, valuables, antiques or spirits can be accommodated for any length of time without the need to pay customs duties. Payments such as sales tax and customs duties are due only when items are actually imported. In addition, duty-free warehouses (ZFL) are a good proposition for investors who want to invest in silver, platinum or palladium. This is because, in contrast to gold, the purchase of white metals is subject to sales tax (VAT). However, no sales tax is payable when a duty-free warehouse is used to store them.

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When storing goods in a bonded warehouse, all stocks and goods movements are controlled directly by the officers of the Swiss customs authority as part of the Federal Customs Administration (FCA). Customers can bring their duty-free goods from abroad and have them stored indefinitely. Rental spaces of different types and sizes are available. In addition, the re-export of stored items to third countries is possible at any time. On request, any goods stored in a Swiss bonded warehouse can be picked and repackaged whilst they remain within the transit warehouse concerned. In addition, goods and quality controls – as well as functional tests of machines and equipment – can be commissioned.

Stored items located in high-security areas meet the highest security requirements and current standards. In addition, stored valuables are fully insured.

The Geographical Location of the Duty-Free Warehouses at Embrach and Its Importance

There are a total of seven duty-free warehouses in Switzerland. With an area of around 150,000 square meters, the duty free warehouse site in Embrach, founded in 1923, is one of the largest in the country. Embraport is located in the canton of Zurich. Conveniently connected to the rail and road network, the site is only about eight kilometres north of Zurich Airport, too. The nearby motorway connections of both the A51 Bülach, Kloten / Zurich Airport and the A1 Winterthur-Wülflingen are in strategic proximity. From the airport or from the city of Zurich, the duty-free warehouse facilities of Embraport can also be easily reached by public transport.

Switzerland enjoys a good international reputation. Its political and economic stability, as well as its currency security, make the country an attractive one to companies and private investors. Switzerland is the world’s number one precious metal trading hub, offering clients many tax benefits plus reliable discretion at all times. The traditional protection of property rights is rooted in the country’s history. Switzerland’s location in the heart of Europe is another important advantage.

In addition to duty-free warehouses (ZFL), there are also so-called open customs warehouses (OZL) in Switzerland. These are suitable for accommodating a wide variety of goods, as well. The main difference between an OZL and a ZFL is that an OZL is a privately managed independent warehouse. Learn more about this topic here .

The transportation of goods and the purchase of silver exempt from sales tax

Swiss Gold Safe organises the conveyance of your goods from Switzerland and abroad to the duty-free storage facilities in Zürich. We are supported by renowned high-value logistics partners around the world. Our specially trained employees prepare all the necessary transit documents and commercial invoices that are required for crossing international borders for the shipment. In addition, we will take care of the termination of services provided by your previous warehouse if necessary. Thus, we assist our customers fully throughout the entire transport process.

The purchase and sale of white precious metals without sales tax is possible through our partner and broker Echtgeld Ltd , a business that delivers directly to the warehouse.

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The advantages of a duty-free warehouse (ZFL) in summary:

  • Swiss duty-free warehouses are particularly suitable for housing works of art or white precious metals.
  • Customs duties and sales taxes are only payable on final importation.
  • Unlimited storage in terms of time and quantity.
  • Re-exportation to other countries is possible.
  • Goods / quality controls, picking and repacking of valuables can be requested.
  • Embrach is conveniently located to the north of Zurich.
  • Swiss Gold Safe organizes international value shipments to Embrach-Embraport.
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