The storage at Swiss Gold Safe – independent of banks and offshore

The allocated & segregated storage of gold and silver (domestic and bonded vault)

For investors who want to store their precious metals – such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium – as well as their other valuables in a safe place outside of a bank, so-called allocated & segregated storage or individual custody is a viable option. Behind the service is an individualised system for the storage of valuables which are held in private, high-security vaults and safes or in either duty-free (ZFL) or open bonded warehouses (OZL). Such warehouses are particularly attractive for the storage of white metals, because the purchase, sale and storage of them are possible without tax.

The storage allows for the safekeeping of your property via a contract of custody which is drawn up in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations. All stocks are stored with bar or seal numbers allocated and segregated on pallets or placed in special lockers. Unlike a collective storage system, investors get back exactly the same precious metals that they had originally deposited.

Further advantages of segregated valuables storage

By depositing your precious metals physically outside of the banking sector with us, you will benefit from insurance through our partner Lloyds of London. This constitutes a full-risk insurance and covers the risk of, inter alia, theft, robbery, fraud and damage that may be caused by fire or water. Due to the segregated storage in your name your values are never on our balance sheet, so you do not have to worry about losing it in the unlikely event of bankruptcy of the storage provider.

Your valuables remain your property at all times and are stored with full discretion. For institutional clients, we also offer the possibility of storing cash / bank notes. Furthermore, the purchase and sale of precious metals is possible through our partner / broker Echtgeld Ltd. .

The advantages of individual safekeeping in overview:

  • Storage is exclusively in private high-security vaults, optionally in bonded warehouses (also known as customs warehouses or duty-free warehouses where, for example, silver can be held without tax). As such, it is possible for investors who live in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, too.
  • Your property is stored according to art. 472 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.
  • All goods are stored allocated and segregated from each other in dedicated safe deposit boxes or pallets in the name of the client.
  • Our service is independent of banks and offshore.
  • Full risk insurance against the loss of your precious metals (theft, robbery, fraud, fire, water etc.) is provided by Lloyds of London.
  • The stored goods are always off Swiss Gold Safe’s balance sheet – and hence not subject to any default risk.
  • The private physical storage of valuables serves as protection against bankruptcies or from a possible confiscation. These dangers exist with safe deposit boxes or metal accounts held with banks, for example. Precious metals like gold storage is best outside of banks.
  • The storage of bank notes possible for Swiss institutional clients.
  • Buying and selling of precious metals like gold and silver without tax is possible through our partner/broker Echtgeld Ltd.

Info and prices (domestic and bonded Swiss warehouses)

-> Price list Embraport and Lufingen – allocated & segregated storage

Ø stored value in Mio CHF Gold / Platinum p.a Silver / Palladium p.a.
0.1 – 1.0 0.75 % 1.00 %
1.0 – 5.0 0.65 % 0.90 %
5.0 – 10.0 0.50 % 0.80 %
> 10.0 on request on request

We accept payments in Swiss Francs, Euros, US-Dollars as well as Bitcoin and Ether.
We remain at your disposal for further info, individual inquiries and questions via our contact form .

Segregated storage –
domestic and free zone
Safe deposit boxes
Amsteg UR – Gotthard vault 1
(for institutional clients)
Altdorf UR – Gotthard vault 2
Gotthard vault 3
Zurich Embraport ZH
Zurich Lufingen ZH (only domestic)
Schaan – Liechtenstein

Dozens of 1 kg gold bars laid side by side
1 kg gold bars are popular with investors.
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