Swiss Safe Deposit Box in the Gotthard area – independent of the banking system

Rent a private safe deposit box in Switzerland

We offer a discreet way to store your valuables offshore securely in a safe deposit box in Switzerland. As a client you can safekeep e.g. your precious metals, like gold and silver, or important documents – offshore, off-bank and insured. Swiss Gold Safe provides:

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Info and prices

Safe deposit boxes category Inner dimensions (in cm, HxWxD) Price in CHF (per year, incl. VAT)
5.50 x 26.00 x 48.00
8.50 x 26.00 x 48.00
14.00 x 26.00 x 48.00
33.00 x 26.00 x 48.00
5 (safe)
44.00 x 35.00 x 30.00
33.00 x 57.00 x 48.00

Each safe deposit box includes a free basic insurance of CHF 25’000. A higher insurance is possible at 0.2% p.a. of the value. We do not report client data to the insurer, the coverage is anonymous via the box number.

We accept payments in Swiss Francs, Euros, US-Dollars as well as Bitcoin and Ether.

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Why store precious metals like Gold and Silver in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the politically and economically most stable countries in the world. It values the protection of property. Ever since the second World War Switzerland has occupied a very important role in the gold business:

Today, Switzerland remains an important place for physical precious metals with the major advantage that its geographical location places it at the center of Europe. A bank-independent safety deposit box outside of the EU can also be used to store documents, data, crypto hardware wallets and other valuables along with precious metals.

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A large selection of safes and vaults

In our privately managed vault room, we offer deposit boxes and safes. You can choose between different sizes, from small boxes to large safes. If you want to deposit your keys, we can recommend a lawyer or a notary near to the storage location for safekeeping. Safes (Cat. 5) come equipped with either a code key lock. The provision of special, individual safes without any weight limitation is also possible.

Security for your valuables

The vault systems and processes we have put in place meet the highest security requirements and are continuously adapted to attain the latest standards. The continuous operation of our high-security system is guaranteed by its own independent emergency power supply. Thus our facility will continue to function self-sufficiently in the event of a power failure or loss of supply. Full insurance coverage of the contents of your safe deposit box is possible. We work together with renowned partners such as Lloyds, London and a Swiss insurance. No client data is forwarded to the insurance. The coverage for the client is secured anonymously via the box number.
Swiss Gold Safe does not retain keys for any deposit box. For security reasons, the client in question receives both available keys and can deposit these with a lawyer or notary, on request. Access to our safes is, therefore, only available to the customers of the safe deposit boxes themselves or their authorised persons. Our trained and armed security staff will be on hand to assist you in this.

Safe deposit boxes in Switzerland for international clients

Are you non-resident in Switzerland yet would still like to rent a safe deposit box from Swiss Gold Safe? Our safe deposit boxes are not reserved just for Swiss nationals, they are also available to clients from neighbouring countries like Germany, Austria, France or Italy. The same also applies if you live in other European countries, or overseas. No connection to Switzerland, such as a job or Swiss relatives, is ever necessary. And furthermore, you will not be required to open, or maintain, a Swiss bank account. Fee payments are accepted via several convenient options such as bank transfer, cash payments in various national currencies, and payment via Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies.

What advantages does a bank-independent offshore safe deposit box have?

Compared to a bank’s safe deposit box, Swiss Gold Safe, as a private provider, offers its customers undeniable benefits. This includes the fact that by opting for the discreet storage of your valuables in a bank-independent facility, there are no legal reporting requirements to fulfil. Moreover, we pay close attention to construction and technical safety standards of our security systems, so that your belongings are fully safeguarded with us.
Access to the contents of your safe deposit box is possible by appointment during office hours (Mo-Fr: 8am–12pm and 1pm–5:30pm) – a 24/7 on-demand service is also offered, subject to a surcharge.
For the purchase of precious metals, we recommend our partner company, Echtgeld Ltd.

Segregated storage –
domestic and free zone
Safe deposit
Amsteg UR – Gotthard vault 1

(for institutional clients)
Altdorf UR – Gotthard vault 2
Gotthard vault 3
Zurich Embraport ZH
Zurich Lufingen ZH
⁣⁣✓ (only domestic)
Schaan – Liechtenstein

Our short video summarizes the simple steps involved in opening a safe deposit box facility in Switzerland. A privately managed, broker- and bank-independent safe deposit box at Swiss Gold Safe offers you many advantages. Take a look at our video to learn about the most important features.


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