Swiss Safe Deposit Box in the Gotthard area – independent of the banking system

Private Safe Deposit Box Switzerland

We offer a discreet way to store your valuables securely in a non bank safe deposit box in Switzerland.

  • High security vaults in the Gotthard area and in the Canton of Zurich.
  • Outside major cities and urban centers.
  • Independent of the banking system and in private ownership.
  • Fully insurable.
  • No declaration of content.


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We accept payments in Swiss Francs, Euros, US-Dollars as well as Bitcoin and Ether.
We remain at your disposal for further info and questions via our contact form .


Why store precious metals like Gold and Silver in Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the politically and economically most stable countries in the world. It values the protection of property. Ever since the second World War Switzerland has occupied a very important role in the gold business:

  • As a major center of physical bullion dealings.
  • Due to major gold investment safekeeping for natural person and legal entitites.
  • Due to a number of gold refiners (Argor-Heraeus, PAMP, Metalor, Valcambi).
  • Due to historic ties with major gold producers.

Still today Switzerland is the most important place for physical precious metals with the advantage of being in the center of Europe. The safety deposit box can also be used e.g. as Bitcoin storage or for other valuables.