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When large gold reserves were discovered in California in 1849, and soon after in Canada’s Yukon Territory, some of those early ‘49ers’ and ‘sourdough’ miners soon discovered precious metals are sometimes safer left in the ground! And though the passing of time has mitigated so many of those early risks, today’s investors with private or corporate wealth understand that a sound financial strategy is an essential part of managing assets.

Diversifying assets by type – gold, silver, cash , artworks and other valuables – is clearly a wise option. The benefits, of course, are that market values fluctuate, and thus a broad spread of holdings will balance the inherent risk of storing all your wealth and investment eggs in one financial basket.

Several swiss gold Vreneli coins
Gold coins but also bars can be used to diversify assets.
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However, in modern times, diversifying by location is becoming ever more important too: Today’s world is a very connected place where market volatility can affect everyone. But some countries weather storms better than others. And likewise, political instability is much more of a problem in particular regimes. Modern financial regulation now hits wrongdoers hard, yet so often hurts legitimate investors in the process. But while some jurisdictions rely on intrusive legislation, others adopt a much more common sense approach.

All of which brings us to Switzerland, justly renowned as an optimum location for wealth storage ; and Swiss Gold Safe too as the epitome of a Swiss company whose gold-standard facilities have earned it a top-dollar reputation for ultra-secure storage among private and corporate clients alike. Launched in 2006 and based in Altdorf, Switzerland, Swiss Gold Safe Ltd is an independent, owner-run company specializing in bank-independent storage of precious metals, banknotes, and other valuables.

View over the swiss alps and the lake Uri
Switzerland offers more than just remarkable mountain views.

Switzerland’s unique advantages have earned it global repute as a stable, independent European nation where the rights of individuals are still respected and vigorously defended. As many have noted, Switzerland is not afraid to exercise its right to independence where it sees fit. The US FATCA regulations apply primarily to banks, but not to private storage providers like Swiss Gold Safe. So, for many such reasons, it is little wonder Switzerland has become a sought after financial safe haven.

And Swiss Gold Safe have likewise prospered during the 15 years they have been in business. One important feature which has undoubtedly contributed to this success is that, unlike many private vaults, Swiss Gold Safe do not operate as a precious metal brokerage. So private and corporate clients are entirely free to buy and sell just as they choose.

View over Zurich which is a financial center in Switzerland.
Zurich is a financial center in Switzerland.
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This leaves the company free to do what they do best – provide personalized, state-of-the-art, high-security storage solutions outside the banking system. Swiss Gold Safe’s clients can access segregated and allocated storage, in domestic, duty free and bonded vaults.

While bank customers around the world are routinely subject to punitive and intrusive financial regulations, those choosing to store their wealth with Swiss Gold Safe are invariably treated with discretion. So investors from the USA, Canada, Europe and elsewhere are somewhat relieved to learn that Swiss Gold Safe also offer safe deposit boxes – not only safe deposit boxes in Switzerland, but also in the neighboring (and equally secure and independent) Principality of Liechtenstein.

Flag of the principality of Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein offers great services to US customers too.
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Whether segregated and allocated storage or a safe deposit box best fits a customer’s needs depends very much on personal circumstances. Please call or write for further information.

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