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This collection of articles provides you with comprehensive information on the different types of storage offered in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. Both these non-EU countries offer clients from Switzerland and prospective international clients many geographic and practical advantages, which can be explored here. This information is equally relevant for private clients, companies, institutions and high net worth individuals.

Find out the type of property and particular requirements for which private, non-bank safe deposit boxes are most suitable. You can also read about the most effective, tax-efficient way to store white precious metals. Are you looking for somewhere to deposit cash and/or cryptocurrencies securely and discreetly? Then you will also find relevant articles on that topic. All relevant information covering each of these themes can be found by simply clicking on a link:

As early as the Middle Ages, and certainly during the Second World War, the Gotthard mountains in Switzerland proved to be an impregnable protective wall. Today, many former military bunkers in the mountain massifs now serve as highly secure depositories for precious metals and other valuables. Swiss Gold Safe’s own Gotthard vaults offer clients from all over the world private safe deposit boxes or warehouse facilities for individual custody.

History has consistently demonstrated that Switzerland’s rugged Alpine terrain is an impregnable barrier. Find out more about these unique geo locations, and learn why the country’s high-security vaults remain so attractive to international institutions and private investors. Also discover how the Swiss people, their political system, commitment to individual rights, reputation for absolute discretion and much more, have helped to forge Switzerland’s unrivalled reputation for fiscal stability.

Due to their high-value density, gold investment products require a special level of protection. Swiss Gold Safe’s privately managed high-security facilities in the easily accessible Principality of Liechtenstein are ideal for this purpose. Bank-independent asset storage is also suitable for white precious metals and other assets. These facilities are insured, discreet, and guarantee that property-ownership will be preserved and respected.

Precious metals such as gold or silver can be conveniently stored abroad in private offshore vaults. Switzerland or Liechtenstein are highly recommended locations for this purpose. Swiss Gold Safe offers its clients offshore private vaults with unique benefits. The focus is on security, discretion, independence from banks, and full protection of property.

Bank-independent precious metal or asset storage can be arranged with Swiss Gold Safe Ltd via safe deposit boxes or secure warehouse facilities in Switzerland or Liechtenstein. Such locations are suitable for storing gold, silver, jewellery, cash, works of art and much more. These facilities for the storage of valuables, which can be accessed by private clients and business institutions alike, offer many advantages.

Which is better for storing precious metals, jewellery, cash, securities or crypto assets? A classic safe deposit box or a privately run, bank-independent high-security facility such as those offered by Swiss Gold Safe in Switzerland or Liechtenstein? No bank account is required, and there are no statutory reporting obligations to any authorities.

In today’s financial world, anyone who wishes to rent a bank safe deposit box anywhere within the EU will need to open a bank account for that purpose. This effectively creates a safe deposit box register. Alternatively, clients who wish to protect their personal data can rent safe deposit boxes from Swiss Gold Safe in Switzerland or Liechtenstein, which will thus be outside EU jurisdiction. Swiss Gold Safe Ltd. is a privately run company which operates outside the banking system and is also completely independent of precious-metal dealers. This arrangement requires no statutory reporting.

Different types of storage may be appropriate for storing assets and valuables according to your personal requirements and the values and quantities involved. For example, safe deposit boxes may offer certain advantages, or potential disadvantages, in comparison with individual custody arrangements. Our article provides you with information about various options for the proper, professional storage of physical valuables and offers a comparison of these two types of storage to help you decide.

International clients can rent bank-independent safe deposit boxes in Switzerland from the private storage company Swiss Gold Safe Ltd. Such arrangements do not involve opening a bank account. They are available in many sizes, without quantity limits, and your assets can be fully insured. Clients are not required to make content declarations, and there is no reporting to government agencies.

At Swiss Gold Safe, clients from Switzerland and other countries can rent safe deposit boxes which are guaranteed bank-independent and tailored to their needs. Opening a safe deposit box can be completed in five simple steps. Our straightforward guide will show you how this works. In addition, our short explanatory video guides you through each individual step.

As a professional storage company, Swiss Gold Safe provides clients worldwide with facilities to deposit their valuables in private safe deposit boxes in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Bank-independent safe deposit boxes are available in many sizes and automatically include a basic insurance. No bank account in Liechtenstein or Switzerland is required to access these facilities. The contents of each safe deposit box are known only to the keyholder.

When buying classic silver products or other white metals, investors have to pay the statutory value-added tax in the country of purchase. But if you plan to store it in a duty-free warehouse, you can immediately save on VAT when you buy your silver, and thus get more silver for your available capital. This can be achieved via a precious metal dealer, for example, or through the private storage provider Swiss Gold Safe in Zurich. Silver coins or bars are insured while in storage, and all stocks are monitored by Swiss customs.

Investors wishing to invest capital in silver, platinum or palladium should be aware of the option to store these white precious metals in a Swiss bonded warehouse (ZFL). Value added tax and customs duties are only payable upon import from the bonded warehouse but not before. Purchases can be arranged via independent dealers in Switzerland who then deliver to your chosen bonded warehouse. Swiss Gold Safe can provide segregated storage.

Open customs warehouses (OCW) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are an alternative to a duty-free warehouse (ZFL). These facilities are provided by private storage companies such as Swiss Gold Safe, who will assume responsibility for inspecting stored goods. OCW facilities are particularly suitable for storing platinum, palladium or silver, because they enable the VAT-free purchase and/or sale of white metals.

Above a certain threshold, account balances may be subject to negative interest. So, as an alternative arrangement to prevent your assets shrinking year after year, you can choose to store your money at Swiss Gold Safe instead. Bank-independent safe deposit boxes are available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for the purpose of storing cash – including 100% retention of ownership, and without any kind of counterparty risk.

If they are to remain competitive and be able to service ongoing costs, companies need access to liquid funds at all times. Thus, it is important to protect company capital and avoid negative interest rates. Business clients can store unlimited amounts of cash in Swiss Gold Safe Ltd.’s high-security facilities in Switzerland. The advantages of this arrangement include: bank-independence, full insurance cover, and state-of-the-art property protection.

Our specialist article offers detailed information about the secure safeguarding of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies stored on hardware wallets, paper wallets, or USB sticks: Private access keys make it possible to secure and move your crypto assets. Swiss Gold Safe’s bank-independent safe deposit boxes in Switzerland or Liechtenstein are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Swiss Gold Safe offers family offices and high net worth individuals (HNWI) bank-independent protection of precious metals, cash or other valuables in Switzerland. All storage locations are private high-security facilities not subject to state controls – such as CRS or FATCA. Our wealthy clients receive a comprehensive service package which includes in-depth advice.

As a specialist storage company, Swiss Gold Safe can offer ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWI) bank-independent safe deposit boxes or asset depository facilities in Switzerland. These are suitable for the safe storage of cash or gold investment products as well as many other tangible assets. The service is complemented by a partner network of independent precious metal dealers, cash-in-transit logisticians, and art storage experts.

Using a dealer or custodian bank to store gold and silver acquisitions may seem convenient. But how do these solutions compare with secure alternative gold & silver custodian services?

Depending on the arrangements you have agreed with your present storage provider, switching to Swiss Gold Safe can be a sensible move. Our article will enable you to compare prices and services. You will also discover how you can buy or sell precious metals, and how we can support you in reallocating your assets. A short introductory video summarizes the most important points.

On this page you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about safe deposit boxes, other types of storage, and our various client services. You can also learn more about precious metals, physical investment products made of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, and precious metal securities.